Taiwan Student Design

The Real Leather. Stay Different. Student Design Competition celebrates the beauty, sustainability and versatility of leather, while recognizing the innovation and craftsmanship that the new generation has to offer. 

With annual student design competitions running in Italy, China, UK and Taiwan, we have already received over 1,000 design submissions in categories spanning Garments, Footwear, Accessories and Design. You’ll find anything from updates and winning entries, to interviews with students and judges, right here!

The 2020 Taiwan Student Design Competition was a huge success category winners announced at an award ceremony and product demonstration at Taipei 101, the well-known 500 metre super-skyscraper in Taiwan.

In 2021, we go truly international with an open invitation competition that runs alongside the national programmes, and connects students from all over the world with an outstanding, money-can’t-buy prize.

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Taiwan Region Accessory Winner 2022: TA-YUNG LIN

Ta-Tung Lin was born in Taitung, Taiwan in 2001. Taitung’s natural environment, local culture, and Lin’s parents’ upbringing have shaped his craft and thinking. At the age of 16, he enrolled in a five-year junior college program and started learning various craft and design theories.

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