Student Design Competition



To encourage thinking about our planet’s future and to combat this waste, our judges are challenging you to create an original, innovative, and visually stunning design, in one of three categories of apparel, accessories or footwear made from real cattle leather. They would also like to see how entrants approach creating garments that will not only last, but be loved, for a lifetime.



You are asked to use leather as the inspiration for a single item, either clothing, shoes, or accessories. Entries must be at least 50% cattle hide leather and any other materials used must be natural or organic materials where possible. We do not accept the use of fur or exotic skins. Plastics must only be used where no natural alternatives are available. We would like your piece to capture one or more of the facets of leather, from beauty and versatility to strength and durability.


Entries should include the following elements:

– A brief summary of your project provided in Mandarin and English

– Storyboards and design inspiration

– Sketches, flats, technical specifications, and final design (the item does not need to be physically made at this stage)

– A short two-minute video to introduce you and your design.  This is optional but encouraged.


Please give consideration to ease of recycling, reuse and disposal at the end of the product’s life, and also think about the practicalities of commercial production, as we are looking for designers who will start new brands, fashion movements or style trends.

A shortlist of the best entries will be presented to the judges, and the finalists will be asked to create their designs for the final judging element. The materials will be provided by China Leather Industry Association and the China leather industry.



The competition opens February 20, 2023 and closes on May 30, 2023. Any entries submitted after that date will not be accepted.

Pre-register for the competition platform via the link below, and you will be emailed once the competition opens in February to create your profile and upload your entry.




GUO Feifei

GUO graduated from the Department of Textile and Fashion Design of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University and is the Founder of GOFEFE, a leather accessories brand. He’s a member of the Accessories Art Committee of China Fashion Association and Chief judge for bag design in China International Fashion Accessories Design Competition, apparel and bag design of GLM Award China International Bags and Accessories Design Competition.

Before founding GOFEFE, he was the Design Director at K-ONE from 2010 to 2012, and MINND from 2008 to 2010



LI Shanglun

The designer of extra one studio:Li Shanglun,graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology with a  Bagwear Design Major. In 2014, he worked as a designer of bag accessories at ZUCZUG. In 2017, extra one studio was established, and launched ZUCZUG’s first independent accessory brand: extra one.






Stephen Yuan

He graduated from Fu Dan university, and received his master degree from LSE in the UK before working for Alexander McQueen. He returned to work in Marketing and Retail for Louis Vuitton and Celine respectively. In 2013, he built his own lifestyle brand, La Mofiel, which has leading status in the industry.

Designs that celebrate the beauty, versatility & sustainability of leather and champion slow style.

Designs must be made of at least 50% leather from cow hide.

Any other materials used must be natural or organic materials, for example wood or any natural fibres.

No fur or exotic skins. Our mission is to cut waste and utilise materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Plastics must only be used where no natural alternatives are available.


Each of the three category winners will receive a trophy, certificate and Coffee Table Book covering the competition and including their entry. The winning designs of the three categories will be sampled and produced in mainland China, with the category winners having the chance to be interviewed and featured in a fashion magazine in China. The overall winner, chosen from the three categories, will form part of a capsule collection showcasing the best international talent and unveiled at an event hosted in Europe in October 2023.

Enter in any of three categories







Learn how leather is sourced, selected and produced, and how to choose and work with the right leather for your project.

Watch our student training video below and discover why using natural, organic and long lasting materials like leather cut waste and offer a sustainable alternative to environmentally damaging and short lived synthetics and plastics.

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Want to learn more about how using leather cuts waste, landfill and carbon? Or about its durability, versatility and timeless style?