We are delighted to unveil the Real Leather. Stay Different. African Talent Leather Design Showcase 2024, a search for the most talented of Africa’s designers working with leather and natural materials. The mission, to create a Showcase of the very best in African design and, at the same time, promote slow style and a more sustainable future for fashion and the planet.

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Meet The Winners

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Designs that celebrate the beauty, versatility & sustainability of leather and champion slow style.

Designs must be made of at least 50% leather from cow hide.

Any other materials used must be natural or organic materials, for example wood or any natural fibres.

No fur or exotic skins. Our mission is to cut waste and utilise materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Plastics must only be used where no natural alternatives are available.


A panel of curators will select up to five showcase participants in each of the three categories. The selected 15 participants, as well as the People’s Choice Award winner, will have the opportunity to create their items at any of ALLPI’s satellite studios. These created items will be featured in the RLSD African Talent Leather Design Showcase scheduled to take place in Nairobi, Kenya. They will also receive a certificate and five Coffee Table Books covering the competition that includes their designs. The most highly commended design, selected by the panel of curators, will be awarded a trophy and feature as part of a capsule collection showcasing the best international talent.


Real Leather. Stay Different. is a global campaign that has reached some 750 million people and hundreds of thousands of students. It makes the case for cattle leather (and other natural materials) and for making the best use of society’s waste and that hides, as the by-product of the dairy and meat industries, should be considered before looking to the petrochemical industries for manmade materials. Flexible and durable, leather is the natural alternative to fast fashion.

The African Talent Leather Design Showcase will run alongside the annual International Student Design Competition and regional competitions in Italy, China, the Nordics, Taiwan and the UK.

Educational Materials

Want to learn more about how using leather cuts waste, landfill and carbon? Or about its durability, versatility and timeless style?