The Real Leather. Stay Different. International Student Design Competition 2022, in association with our friends at ArtsThread, has now closed. Chosen amongst almost 400 entries, this year’s International Category Winners have been decided by our panel of judges:


Accessories Winner- Gianluca Ambrosini, The Pouch Shopping Bag
Apparel Winner- Gal Benjamin, Alexithymia
Footwear Winner- Anna Melegh, Haute Couture Trash


And thanks to all of your votes, the People’s Choice Category Winner who will be joining the above finalist in the International Final Event for the chance to win the Overall Winner title is:

People’s Choice Category- Lior Weinberg, Paradox of Fashion


Congratulations to our Category Winners, and stay tuned for more updates on the Final Event.


Explore all the shortlisted entries below:


“More than 100 billion items of clothing, worn on average just seven times, are thrown away annually, taking 10s if not hundreds of years to biodegrade.”

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The category winners and an overall winner will see their design professionally made and promoted in a capsule collection, as well as taking home the trophy and featuring in the RLSD 2022 coffee table book.

Slow Style. Fast Fashion. Or both?

Almost half of the world’s leather hides, created by our ever-growing demand for fast-food – burgers and milkshakes, are just thrown away every year. Our student design competition puts some of this waste to use.

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Want to learn more about how using leather cuts waste, landfill and carbon? Or about its durability, versatility and timeless style? Download our educational materials.