Student Design Competition

Nordic Region


The Real Leather. Stay Different. Nordic Region Student Design Competition 2022, in association with our friends at ArtsThread, has now closed.

We have curated a shortlist of original and innovative designs from the Nordic Region and it is now your chance to vote for your favourite design for the People’s Choice Award, whose winner will win a trophy, certificate and Coffee Table Book covering the competition and their winning entry.

Scroll down to see the shortlist and click on the entries to open the porfolios of the potential winners!

Voting closes on the 25th of August.

The Brief

You are asked to use leather as the inspiration for a single item, either clothing, shoes or accessories,  using leather for at least 50% of the item and where possible other natural materials. Furs and exotic skins are not permitted. We would like your piece to capture one or more of the facets of leather, from beauty and versatility to strength and durability.


             Entries should include all these elements –

            1 – Storyboards & Inspiration

            2 – Sketches, Flats, Technical Specs, and Final Design (the item does not need to be physically                             made- the winner’s design will be professionally made).

            3 – Make a video! It’s optional, but we’d love to see one. A short two-minute video to introduce you                       and your design.


Please also think about the practicalities of commercial production, we are looking for  designers who will start new brands, fashion movements or style trends.

Designs that celebrate the beauty, versatility & sustainability of leather and champion slow style.

Designs must be made of at least 50% leather from cow hide.

Any other materials used must be natural or organic materials, for example wood or any natural fibres.

No fur or exotic skins. Our mission is to cut waste and utilise materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Plastics must only be used where no natural alternatives are available.

Enter in any of three categories








We will shortlist finalists in each category before the judges choose category winners and an overall winner who will see their design professionally made and promoted in a capsule collection, as well as taking home the trophy and featuring in the RLSD 2022 coffee table book.

Educational Materials

Want to learn more about how using leather cuts waste, landfill and carbon? Or about its durability, versatility and timeless style?