London Fashion: Street Seen


London Fashion: Street Seen

30th October 2020

About Street Seen

Every month, Street Seen takes a look at the latest fashion and street style, as showcased by the general public. If your outfit involves an item made of real leather and you happen to cross paths with our intrepid raporteurs, you could be featured right here on the Real Leather. Stay Different. website. From London fashion to Parisian chic, if it looks good and involves leather, you’ll be sure to find it here. 

This month…

Name:  Otto Saner

Where was this photo taken: Soho, London, UK

How you would describe your personal style?

I like to mix it up depending on how I’m feeling and who I’m seeing. Quality over quantity for me, I like to wear things till I can’t anymore. I buy lots of second hand clothes and stuff off Ebay, and enjoy visiting charity shops every other weekend. I’ll treat myself to something special every now and again.

Please tell us about your look? 

My looks is casual and comfortable. I’ve recently got into Converse again- I bought this pink pair because my dad used to own some.

What is your favourite piece of leather clothing?

This leather waistcoat! I picked it up in a flea market and can’t even remember how much it was to be honest. I like adding unique leather pieces to every day outfits. I’m also seriously considering buying some leather chaps next!

What music are you currently listening to?

I’ve been loving this playlist my mate created recently called ‘Picking flowers for your love’. I’ve also been playing Princess Nokia and Tierra Whack.

What are you passionate about?

I’ve been trying to make my way into the photography industry. I’m about to renovate this space in this guardianship with my mate to use as a music and photography studio.

Check out Otto’s photography here: @ottosaner