Think small: Deux Mains

Think small: Deux Mains

Think small: Deux Mains

Think small is where RLSD takes a look at some of the smaller companies around the world that we think are doing the right thing with leather. This is a greenwashing free zone–no matter what they produce, sustainability is at the heart of what they do.

Think small: Deux Mains

What makes your company different?

Deux Mains was created in a time of disaster yet thrives in its wake. When a catastrophic earthquake decimated Haiti in 2010, Deux Mains founder and creative director Julie Colombino-Billingham experienced a country at its worst. Witnessing the desperate need for dignified employment in Haiti became the catalyst and greatest inspiration behind the brand. Now, with each collection, we honour the ancestral wisdom, talent, and perseverance Julie found in the people of Haiti.

Why is leather so important to you and what other materials do you use?

Every product we craft in Haiti uses upcycled or responsibly-sourced materials. Behind every timeless piece is a Haitian artisan with a unique identity, skill set and passion for creating beauty that is made to last.

The term ’vegan’ bears earth-friendly connotations, but there is another side of the story to consider. Nearly all vegan leathers contain a plastic base made from petroleum. Petroleum is extremely toxic to the environment and takes somewhere between 500-1,000 years to biodegrade.

We respectfully ask you to consider your vegan goods sources to ensure they are using environmentally friendly practices, which include eliminating petroleum from their products.

What is your signature product/what best sums up your philosophy?

Deux Mains sandals, premium leather goods and jewellery are carefully crafted with an artisanal finish that will last for years to come. Thanks to this island’s boundless creativity, we are weaving new beginnings with every design. With every collaboration, we strengthen communities. Everything we make and do has fairness stitched in. This is not a solo pursuit.

What does Deux Mains say?

“Deux Mains” means “two hands” in French—because behind every piece we produce, there is an artisan who is professionally trained to handcraft beautiful leather handbags, sandals, and jewellery from responsibly sourced materials. We believe you should have access to sustainable luxury fashion pieces that align with your values.

What does RLSD say?

Deux Mains empowers Haitian artisans to make sustainable, beautiful, and timeless leather products. Good for people, good for the environment.

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