Think Small: Reco

Think Small: Reco

Think Small: Reco

Think small is where RLSD takes a look at some of the companies around the world that we think are doing the right thing with leather. This is a greenwashing free zone – no matter what they produce, sustainability is at the heart of what they do.

What makes your company different?

Reco uses exclusively high-quality surplus leather to create tactile buttery-soft bags identified by a signature patchwork assemblage technique. Reco is about comfort and softness, the sensation of being embraced, that feel good factor of a Sunday morning spent in bed. It is an ode to the roundness, the curves and the beauty of every single woman’s body. It is about being feminine in their own way and resilient at the same time.

Why is leather so important to you?

Overproduction and dormant inventory are some of the problems caused by how the market functions today. We decided to repurpose surplus leather to create something completely new with minimal waste. It is a sustainable canvas to explore and let creativity run free. Working with what we can find limits options and pushes creativity.

What is your signature product?

All of them! With a special attention to colour nuances and textures, Reco uses patchwork-inspired techniques to assemble elements of qualitative leather. Every bag is the result of a process that explores different possibilities to create the most organic shape with the available material.

What do Reco say?

RECO is a way of proposing different and unique accessories by using colours and playing with assembled shapes to create a product with a reassuring presence that makes you want to embrace it, as if you carry a little piece of home with you.

What does RLSD say?

The fact that Reco bags are made of repurposed leather makes them all the more appealing while inspiring design decisions. We think they are a great sustainable statement to hang from anyone’s arm.

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