Italy Design Competition Winner: Philomena Seelos

Public Vote Winner: Philomena Seelos

Italy Design Competition Winner: Philomena Seelos

21st October 2021

Meet Philomena Seelos this year’s first ever Public Vote winner in the 2020/21 Italy Student Design Competition. The public vote was held here on the Chooserealleather site and users were allowed to vote for their favourite design. Philomena’s design titled “Dark and Bright” won this category with over 2,000 votes! Philomena is currently studying at Accademia Costume & Moda di Roma for a First Level Academic Diploma in Costume and Fashion.

Tell us about your submission?

The capsule collection “Dark and Bright” is a harmonious mix of contrasts with the focus on sustainability. Inspiration comes from the colours of Mark Tothko, the words of John Giorno and the timeless interior design from Marcel Breuer. The five different bags, in vegetable tanned leather come in two colour ways with reversible and adjustable straps, so the whole look can be changed easily from minimal to statement, depending on the mood.


What first attracted to using leather for your designs?

Durability. There is no such material like leather that lasts so long, and to me it is super important designing only things that last over many years.

Why do you think leather has consistently remained ‘in style’ while other materials come in and out?

Probably because of it’s endless possibilities. You can find the right type of leather for every style. It can be any colour, any effect you’d like to have: rigid, smooth, grainy, embossed, shiny! The possibilities of working with leather are endless.

How do you think leather will adapt to a fashion industry increasingly focused on sustainability?

By using more naturally tanned leather, or working with old leather/ vintage. Thanks to it’s durability the same material can be used again and again. Especially, because leather is the only material that gets more beautiful with the years (in my opinion).

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