From wardrobe to living room – Berluti launches homeware collection

Berluti launches homeware collection

From wardrobe to living room – Berluti launches homeware collection

Until now, Berluti has been known for its ultra-lux leather shoes and menswear, but the Italian company has turned its attention to homeware and given us the pick of a whole new collection of beautiful pieces.

Berluti has taken classic designs from European heavyweights Carl Aubock II, Gae Auelenti and Tobia Scarpa for this year’s limited-edition collection, wrapping their creations in exquisite Venezia leather.

The range includes office accessories such as a leather-handled brass letter-opener and a waste-paper bin that looks too perfect to be used for what it was designed for. Other pieces include picture frames, bowls and vases.

The Scarpa-designed bowls take the form of elegantly crumpled sheets of paper made from pure silver, clad on the outside in Venezia leather.

The designs come in Berluti’s signature bold colours, made from skins selected for their ability to hold dyes. The leather is massaged with oils making it super-soft and supple.

As well as the classic designs, the range features five new vases commissioned from British furniture designer Simon Hasan. These are made from vegetable tanned leather shaped on wooden moulds, a method very similar to artisan shoemaking.

Berluti’s Artistic Director Kris Van Assche said: “Berluti is above all known for working leather – leather shoes, leather accessories. So to make the next step homeware seems logical. The idea is to take existing design, but to embellish it with our know-how.”

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Leather Vase £2,950

Paper Basket £4,800

Silver and Venezia Cartoccio £2,770

Letter opener £830