International Design Competition Finalist: Emily Omesi

Finalist: Emily Omesi

International Design Competition Finalist: Emily Omesi

Name: Emily Omesi

Education: Fashion Design BFA, Fashion Institute of Technology (US)

Specialisms: Womenswear/ Fashion/ Atelier – Pattern Cutting

“My submission is of a leather jacket I created, inspired by the cell scans of my brother’s research on infectious diseases, and the organic volume that I interpreted of the cells. Some research comes from 80’s outerwear, some current, and my own paintings.”


Emily’s final design is a jacket’s shell made from 100% cow leather, recycled polyester lining and features a metal two-way zipper. The silhouette is a cropped bomber jacket with an exaggerated dolmen sleeve. Within the sleeve are sculptured swirls (one swirl is an invisible pocket for functionality), surrounded by self ribbed binding which she quilted by machine. The neck, sleeve, and hem finishes are a 2×1 knit rib band.