Home Is Where the Leather Is

Home Is Where the Leather Is

Home Is Where the Leather Is

24th May 2022

While the ramifications of the pandemic are still being felt around the world, certain sectors flourished despite the last two years of on-off lockdowns.

Social media sensation Tik Tok was catapulted into the spotlight, Zoom Video Communications became a must-have and brands such as Urban Outfitters found sales of their homeware offerings surged.

With more time spent in our homes than ever before, the need to create cosy, safe spaces was of the utmost importance.

Homeware sales rose by 42 percent in 2020 according to the Office for National Statistics, and with flexible working now becoming the norm, interest in interior design is expected to continue to grow, with leather accessories weaving their way into our lounges, home offices and onto our dining tables.

Leather Design and Your Home

“We have been forced to slow down and spend time in our homes—this drives a strong desire to really create a space that reflects both visually and affectionately what it is we are feeling,” Erick Garcia of LA-based design firm Maison Trouvaille tells Vogue.

“As of lately we are paying close attention to how design has the ability to create an energy.”

Leather furniture has gained a much bigger fanbase more recently. Not only is the material luxurious and durable, but it is easy to maintain, particularly if messy kids are around!

The trend for leather interiors has now gone beyond the sofa and has become a key design accent for homes all over the world.

Leather Aging Adds Character

“Leather in rich tones offsets cool metals and has the ability to tell a story over time as it wears through use—we shouldn’t be afraid of age showing its face,” says Erick Garcia.

Often available in earthy shades, the primitive appeal of leather homeware takes us back to nature and adds texture inside.  Connected with feelings of endurance, protection and power, it’s no wonder leather has become a reliable material for interior designers. 

It can be associated with a more masculine feel thanks to historic gentleman’s smoking rooms decked out with dark wood and leather panelling, but don’t be afraid to use the fabric with lighter colours and delicate prints.

From placemats to pen pots, here are some of the key leather homeware pieces we have our eye on.


leather chair

The warm chestnut colour of this chair with equestrian style buckles should take pride of place in your living room.


leather magazine holder

This gold side table with leather magazine rack is compact enough to sit next to your sofa while looking super luxe.


Leather placemat, Amara

Leather table mat

Elevate your dining table with leather placemats that make the ideal backdrop for any tablescape.


Ornament, Osprey London

Leather model

This little piggy brings the countryside directly to your home. Add it to a mantelpiece so the porker can be the star.


Urban Apothecary smoked leather candle, Heal’s

It’s not just the look of leather that we love, but the smell it evokes. Bag this smoked leather candle for a rich aroma that will have you feeling relaxed in no time.


Waste-paper bin, The Conran Shop

Leather waste bin

Made from recycled leather, this sustainable waste paper bin will ensure your trash is stored in the classiest way.


4x6inch leather photo frame, Aprinal of London

Leather picture frame

Display your favourite memories in this striking photo frame and be sure to smile every time you look at it.



Leather wall hook, Not on the High Street

Leather utility hooks

Handy hooks so that you can get your home organised in a stylish way.


Moroccan pouffe cover, Graham and Green

Leather pouffe

Bring the vibrant colours of Marrakesh to your living room with a bold pouffe cover.


Pen pot, Anthropologie

Leather utility boxes

Ensure your working-from-home desk is in perfect condition with a pen pot guaranteed to help with productivity – we hope!



By Joely Chilcott