The Weekend Bag: Four essential features

Things To Look For In A Weekend Bag

The Weekend Bag: Four essential features


A great weekend bag is so much more than just another piece of luggage. It’s a symbol of a fleeting escape, filled with excitement and possibilities. From the moment you wrap your fingers around the handle, your little vacation away from plain old reality has begun.

And, of course, no two weekends are ever the same. That’s why you need a bag that caters to every kind of adventure – whether it’s visiting a friend, hitting a hotel or trekking through scenic terrain.

Diversity is a must for any weekend bag. But what else should you be looking for? Here are a few features worth considering when you shop.


A classic look

Trends change so often these days, it’s hard to keep up. Even with bags, there seems to be a new design on the market every week that the in-crowd are carrying.

But that doesn’t mean you have to shell out your savings on something new every month, and you don’t need to lug around an archaic-feeling fashion accessory either. Instead, go for the classic look by choosing leather: a material that belies contemporary cultural leanings and remains as stylish today as it did a century ago.


A sensible size

A weekend bag should never be too awkward to carry. You need it for two days, which means it probably only has to contain your essentials: clothing, a laptop, plugs and chargers, and maybe a few snacks to keep you going.

Be sure to get a bag that can comfortably fit with you in the back of a car or under a seat. Otherwise, it’ll quickly become a burden that you just don’t want to take with you.


A durable exterior

Your weekend bag is going to need to be able to roll with the punches too. Between being stuffed in an overhead locker and squeezed against the walls on public transport, it’ll experience its fair share of rough handling.

So find a bag with thick material that will stand the test of time – even in the most taxing conditions. If you’re often heading out to the hills, think waterproof like ripstop nylon. If you’re more of an indoors sort of person, leather will resist the biggest bumps.


A range of pockets

Last but certainly not least – your weekend bag should boast plenty of storage options. This will keep your valuable belongings safe and dry, and also prevent you from losing anything while you’re out and about.

Be on the lookout for inside compartments in a range of sizes. Zips are always good – adding an extra layer of security for things like your wallet, purse, car keys and phone.

There are many savvy options available for that weekend getaway bag, and leather is definitely up there among the top materials in terms of design.