Real Leather. Stay Different. Nordic Regional Student Design Competition 2022 is now open for entries

Real Leather. Stay Different. launches the Nordic Regional Student Design Competition 2022

Real Leather. Stay Different. Nordic Regional Student Design Competition 2022 is now open for entries

1st April 2022

Real Leather. Stay Different. partners with ARTSTHREAD to find the best new designers to promote slow style and a more sustainable future for fashion.  

The first Nordic Regional Design Competition has been launched in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It calls on recent graduates and students from universities and design schools to submit their unique and compelling work to promote the versatility, beauty and sustainability of leather.

It is part of a series of competitions taking place around the world, all with the aim of promoting leather, combatting waste and provoking thought about the future of the planet, particularly how fast fashion can affect the environment. Synthetics – made using petrochemicals from the oil industry – now make up 60% of our clothing. They are often made cheaply and are of poor quality, so they are quickly discarded and take hundreds of years to biodegrade.  Nearly one billion items of clothing are thrown away every year, each one worn an average of just five times.

Real Leather. Stay Different. has partnered with ARTSTHREAD to run the competition as a celebration of leather, a by-product of the dairy and meat industry, and the natural antidote to fast fashion. It can be used to make items that last a lifetime and, when disposed of, biodegrade.

Entries must be made using leather for at least 50% of the item and, where possible, other natural materials. Furs and exotic skins are not permitted.

Entries will also need to include an introduction to the design, storyboards and inspirations, sketches, flats, technical specs, and the final design.

The competition closes at the end of June 2022, with judging taking place in early July. The winners in each category will receive a trophy, certificate and inclusion in the 2022 RLSD Coffee Table Book. The Overall Winner, chosen from the category winners, will have their design professionally made and will form part of a capsule collection at an event in September 2022.

Visit the competition page to view more details on the brief, prizes and how to enter!