Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Hsiao Yi Tzu

Design Winner: Hsiao Yi Tzu

Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Hsiao Yi Tzu

Meet Hsiao Yi Tzu, 26 years old student studying at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and this year’s Design Gold Winner in the 2021 Taiwan Student Design Competition.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I just completed my master program in Industrial Design in Taiwan. Design is a way of expressing my thoughts through logical approaches with an emotional touch. I consider myself a sensitive person who has a strong empathetic connection to the world. I desire to trigger people’s deeper feelings in life through shapes, colours, and materials and bring them a little bit better life.

Tell us about your submission?

My submission is one of my leather furniture collections for fluid living. The core of the collection is to use objects to create the atmosphere of home and increase the metal elements that might be missing in co-living. The idea comes from researching living style and home feeling.

As the environment changes, more and more people are moving to the city, resulting in land shortage and insufficient living space. People who are constantly moving from place to place are trying to find the ideal residence. With the change and development of living space, an increasing number of living styles are gradually taking shape, from living alone in a single room to co-living in a shared space. In an environment with frequent movement and blurred boundaries with others, the divide between what is public and private, the control of space, and sense of belonging are all subject to greater challenges.

As the line between public and private is becoming blurred, the balance between interaction and solitude is an issue that cannot be ignored. Even in public spaces, there will be moments when you want to be alone, hoping to easily switch between interactions with others and self-talk. The sense of control over the space affects our perception of the field. The core concept of the divider screen is to retain the autonomy and privacy of the user in the symbiosis.

It can be easily carried from place to place and can be self-assembled and users can arrange palettes with several warm colour leather, configuring the overall appearance. I use real leather to correspond to the transparency of acrylic. Users present their willingness to interact and create a more comfortable way of coexistence in the common field.

What are your thoughts working with leather?

The main reason why I chose leather as main material is the sense of ownership and belonging offered to users. Leather is an unique material that creates more emotional connection with users and users always tend to keep it longer than other materials. Another reason is the durability. Users can bring it while moving from place to place, keep it and use it for a long period of time.

Check out Hsiao Yi Tzu on Instagram: @iz.dotdot