Is leather really a by-product?

Fact Check- Is leather really a by-product?

Is leather really a by-product?

4th March 2022

US hides have been valued at less than 2% of a cow’s total value for the last two years, which is why they are considered a by-product and often end up as waste.

300 million hides come from the meat and dairy industries around the world each year. Around 33million are processed the US, but as many as 4.8million US hides ended up as landfill in 2020 – that’s 15% of the national total.

Worldwide the waste figure is approximately 40% or 120million hides. With the average hide weighing 25Kg this means that 3million tonnes are thrown away ever year.

Leather production turns more than 4.5million tonnes of potential waste, every year, into usable, durable goods. This saves 2.7m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from landfill sites.

Leather IS a by-product. And the more we use, the more waste we save.