UK Design Competition Winner: Aneta Milaszewicz

Apparel Winner: Aneta Milaszewicz

UK Design Competition Winner: Aneta Milaszewicz

9th July 2021

We’re delighted to introduce the winner of the apparel category, Aneta Milaszewicz. She is a 2021 graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA in Fashion. Originally from Poland, Anita has been living in UK for many years.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your designs?

My interest in indigenous tribes led me to discover a nomadic tribe from Siberia called Nenets. It is fascinating how they continue to lead a simple life in harmony with nature. Reindeers are very important in Nenets’ lives and they are treated in a special way. Their meat is the main source of food and their leather used for clothing and to build tents. Unfortunately, global warming creates a real threat to reindeer populations as well as to the Nenets tribe.

In my project I was inspired by the silhouette of Nenets’ traditional outfits, but also by the way they decorate their clothes.

Another source of inspiration was the World War II military uniform, as I found a connection between Siberia and my family history during the war.

How was your experience been working with leather?

The way I work and create has changed during my time on the BA Fashion programme. I became more aware of fashion’s devastating impact on the environment and started searching for more sustainable solutions to become less impactful. An investigation of the latest facts led me to conclude that using leather is sustainable as long as the meat industry exists. If we stop using this material, it will generate more unnecessary waste. Another reason to use leather is its longevity.

I love the physical attributes of this material, like the smell. I also find its structure and the way it gathers and drapes very inspiring. I experiment with laser cutting and leather is the most suitable material to achieve the most successful outcomes.

Instragram: @a.m.e.s._design