Taiwan Region Student Design Competition 2022: Winner’s Announced!


Taiwan Region Student Design Competition 2022: Winner’s Announced!

This year’s Taiwan Region Student Design Competition received over 400 entries from 18 universities across region. After much deliberation by the judges, the category winners are:

  • Apparel Winner: Yu-Lun Lu from Shih Chien University, Taipei for The Sight
  • Accessories Category: Ta-Tung Lin from National Taitung Junior College, Taitung for Biker & Leather
  • Design Category: Xiao-Yun Chang from National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei for Origami
  • Footwear Category: Jia-Wen Zhang from Shih Chien University, Taipei for Hot Rebirth


The Overall Winner, chosen from the category winners, is:


Category Winner: Overall & Apparel

Name:  Yu-Lun Lu

University: Shih Chien University

Lu-Yun Lu is a composite material artist, fashion designer and illustrator based in Taipei at the Shih Chien University. She aims to insert meaning behind everything she creates. Her project ‘The Sight’ highlights the objectification and the labelling of women, inspired by the Belgian exhibition “what were you wearing?”. It explores the concept that in certain countries and religions, exposure of body shape is a crime. Despite women following strict dress codes, the designer wanted to explore the idea that in most cases, whatever they wear can be maliciously misinterpreted in the eyes of others. Their sexual characteristics are emphasised, and they are seen as objects. With this concept in mind, the designer used the shape of a loose cloak, stitching together the shapes of the curves of the body with different materials to create a protruding profile. The thin mesh isolates the wearer and blocks the view of the outside world, symbolising a looming and fragile barrier.



Category Winner : Accessory

Name: Ta-Tung Lin

University: National Taitung Junior College, Taitung

Ta-Tung Lin was born in Taitung, Taiwan in 2001. Taitung’s natural environment, local culture, and Lin’s parents’ upbringing have shaped his craft and thinking. At the age of 16, he enrolled in a five-year junior college program and started learning various craft and design theories. His project is based on his love of motorcycles and leather, and producing a line of accessories that are both stylish but practical as they form part of the motorcycle’s storage capabilities but can also be removed when necessary.



Category Winner: Design

Name: Xiao-Yun Chang

University: National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei

Xiao-Yun Chang has always had a love for disassembling and building objects- she has worked with a range of materials including metal, ceramics and glass. Whilst studying Craft Design in College she was introduced to leather, and found its charm and durability incredibly appealing. Her project is based on Origami, a common children‘s entertainment activity and worship ritual [or funeral offering] in Taiwan.


Category Winner: Footwear

Name: Jia-Wen Zhang

University: Shih Chien University, Taipei

Jia-Wen Zhang has studied bag design, shoe design, knitting design amongst a range of other courses. Her project draws upon themes of toxic love; where people seek to control you emotionally in the name of love, and blackmail you in the name of passion. The flame-like design is a metaphor for being devoured, like a flame, and the ribbon is like a vine, which surrounds you slowly before tightly restraining you. The hollow heart represents one’s sense of self, that has been gradually hollowed-out. It expresses the hope that everyone who has experienced such toxicity can overcome it and live confidently, being reborn into a healthier version of yourself.

Stay tuned for more updates on the winners and a look into their inspirations for each design!