Six designer leather bags to invest in 

Six designer leather bags to invest in 

Six designer leather bags to invest in 

2nd September 2021

If you’re after a designer bag that is a better long-term investment than a classic car, take note

While styles and trends might come and go, there are certain luxury leather bags that are so sought after, you really will get your money’s worth. Take, for example, the elite Hermès Birkin.

Thanks to its craftsmanship and scarcity, the arm candy might set you back a cool £10,000, or even into the hundreds of thousands for the rarer leathers, but its value is forecast to double in the next decade.

The design is so exclusive that purchasing a new one often involves striking up a good relationship with a Hermès associate first just to get in with a chance. Thanks to it being a bag that money alone can’t buy, the pre-loved market has boomed, with the coveted style frequently being resold for a higher price than a new one.

Aqila Agha, founder of pre-loved luxury site PapillonKia, says: “If a bag is very limited and very few are made, this increases the price.”

“Even after being used, the amount you could receive can be above what you initially paid,” Aqila continues. “The most expensive bag I have sold is £23,000 for a Hermès Birkin 30.”

And then there are other luxury fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, whose classic designs are always in style, but the prices are hiked up year after year by the brands themselves.

“This year alone Chanel had two price increases which make those sought-after bags more expensive to attain. As the prices increase, your asset will also increase in value”, says Aqila.

“If I purchased a bag five years ago for £2,000 and it now retails for £5,000, I could sell my bag for £3,500 – £4,000 depending on condition. It’s similar to the classic car trade in that way.”

A report by the Financial Times found that investment-grade accessories increased in value by 8% year-on-year between 2004 and 2016, and this continues to rise.

A shift over the last year from ‘it’ bags to ‘forever’ bags has further seen these accessories moving from fashion items to an investment portfolio.

So, if you’ve got savings and are looking for a worthy asset, these are the six bags most likely to boost your bank balance on the resale market.


Hermès Birkin

Named after the actress Jane Birkin after the contents of her bag spilled out next to the executive chairman of Hermès on a flight, inspiring him to design something more practical for her, the Birkin is the most exclusive accessory of all time. With a limited number made every year, there is no waiting list and getting your hands on a new one depends on your relationship with the boutique, the size of your purse and a lot of luck. This is why its resale value is so high. The amount depends on the type of leather, hardware and condition, but the Birkin’s durability and sleek design means it’s more than a bag, it’s a status symbol.

 Chanel Classic Double Flap

When it comes to designer leather handbags, few have as much kudos as Chanel. Loved by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung, the iconic logo on the quilted leather is a must for any handbag collection. Keep an eye out for the type of leather used, too. “Caviar leather is more durable than lambskin and will always retain its value”, says Aqila.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Neverfull has bags of potential when it comes to value appreciation. The roomy tote is a classic, but its shape is also often a key feature of limited-edition collaborations and colours. With the monogrammed logo, the classic holds around 91% of its value, while the arty styles can sell for double their original price if no longer in production.

Dior Saddle Bag

Not all designer bags are deemed a ‘classic’ to begin with. Some accessories’ value will fluctuate depending on cultural trends and celebrity status. The Saddle bag burst onto the scene in 2000, was used by fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City and everyone wanted one. A year later, the bag was left gathering dust. After a decade, influencers and celebrities alike began to be pictured with the style under their arm and the Saddle Bag was declared “back”. It is now one of the most coveted styles at PapillonKia, the lux pre-loved handbag seller.

Chanel Boy Bag

The tougher style, introduced in 2011, might be one of the new kids on the block, but it’s edgy aesthetic has made its mark in the resell market, holding 90% of its value. Owned by Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner, the structured style has had a few price increases over the last decade meaning it is a solid investment. Aqila says: “Try to purchase classic colours that will be easy to re-sell such as black, tan, red and navy.”

Hermès Kelly

Get your hands on a Kelly and you’ll likely retain a huge 92% of its value. The classic structured shape is slightly more formal than the Birkin thanks to its straighter silhouette and shorter handle. The bag got its name as the actress Grace Kelly was photographed using the accessory to cover her pregnant bump in 1956 and its popularity hasn’t waned since.



By Joely Chilcott