Rebel with a sole: The Underground creeper

Rebel with a sole: The Underground creeper

Rebel with a sole: The Underground creeper

19th May 2020

Providing rebels with footwear for almost forty years, Underground has earned its place as the go-to shoemaker for a true genre-busting classic; the Underground creeper.

The signature shoe has crossed tribal borders and has been adopted by rockabillies, goths, punks and grunge fans alike, with each group reinterpreting it and putting its own stamp on the classic style decade after decade since the 1940s. And despite being beloved by different tribes, creepers still manage to hold huge appeal for life’s eternal outsiders.

From the dingiest clubs on the wrong side of town to the catwalks of New York, Paris and London, the creeper has been sending its subversive signal since just after the Second World War. The design came about after soldiers returned from the Second World War with a love for the army-issue suede-topped crepe-soled desert boot. As manufacturers sought to spread their appeal the soles became chunkier and ridges were added, and the uppers started to feature more detailing. They were an instant favourite that has defied ageing and slotted into every generation of street style ever since. In the early 80’s Underground leaped in with its own version of the design.  The high-quality construction and use of the best materials soon set them apart as the number one creeper creators.

It’s no surprise that creepers have clad the feet of some of the edgiest stars. Clash frontman Joe Strummer wore them regularly, actor Johnny Depp has asserted his outsider credentials with them, singer Rihanna can wear anything and still plumped for creepers. And singer Miley Cyrus, model Cara Delevingne and actor Kristen Stewart have all recently been spotted sporting them.

Underground has been making shoes since 1981, and still produces all the classic designs. But this is no retro company, the styles have been balancing on the cutting edge of youth culture ever since. Underground has a great grasp of sustainability – not surprisingly, it is a forward-looking company. Orders are either custom made on demand or fabricated in small batches to avoid over-production. The company uses local craftspeople and, of course, real, sustainably-sourced leather. Underground shuns fast fashion’s disposable production in favour of products that are authentic and built to last. Other footwear includes stylish takes on steel-capped work boots, winklepickers and trainers-on-steroids that are perfect for clubbers.  If Underground isn’t running ahead of the fashion curve, it’s running against it. It believes in the punk ethic of questioning everything – politics, power, style, aesthetics, music and even the way we live our everyday lives.


So it’s no wonder Underground’s signature shoe crosses every barrier. Simply choosing them marks you out as a rebel, whether you choose to join a tribe or go it alone.


So how will you style yours? Head to for inspiration and tweet us a picture of your own creeper style.


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Photo by Syd Wachs on Unsplash