International Design Competition Finalist: Chloe Twigg

Finalist: Chloe Twigg

International Design Competition Finalist: Chloe Twigg

Name: Chloe Twigg

Education: Fashion Studies BA Hons, University of Derby (UK)

Specialisms: Fashion

“My entry for the Real Leather Stay Different competition is inspired by growing up on a family farm. Using classic and timeless silhouettes to respect the longevity of leather, I’ve created a garment that will be handed down over generations.”

In her presentation Chloe explains that her philosophy as a designer is to be sustainable and to use the resources we have instead of constantly making more. Despite being a vegetarian, Chloe was inspired to work with leather after learning that many hides end up in landfill as a result of the meat industry.

Chloe’s philosophy is reflected in her presentation as her design concept aims to be zero-waste. She plans to use only off-cuts and donate any leftovers to students. To give the consumer full transparency she explains that she will create labels out of any spare leather that identifies where the leather is from and how it was dyed. Chloe’s final designs include tan, brown, black and grey leather and feature timeless silhouettes, topstitching details, and repeat embroidery patterns.