China Regional Student Design Competition 2022: Winner’s Announced!


China Regional Student Design Competition 2022: Winner’s Announced!

8th September 2022

This year’s China Regional Student Design Competition received an incredible 878 entries from universities across the country. After much deliberation by the judges, the category winners are:

  • Accessories Category: YunTian Dong from Donghua University, Shanghai for Octopus
  • Apparel Category: YaWen Zhang from Wenzhou University, WenZhou for 墨斗仞崃
  • Footwear Category: LiBin Cao from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing for Iron Armour

The category winners were chosen over a month long selection process, involving Real Leather. Stay Different. representatives and, ultimately, a judging panel of industry representatives who accessed entries anonymously, with their scores being aggregated to establish each category winner.

The Overall Winner, chosen from the category winners, is:


This year, we also have an additional award, the Inspirational Design Award, which has been awarded to YingYing Pan from Donghua University, Shanghai for their beautiful entry Fold, which the judges felt was a strong contender for the Apparel prize.





Category Winner: Overall & Accessory

Name:  YunTian Dong

University:  Dongua University, Shangai

Portfolio:  View here

YunTian Dong is a 21-year-old designer from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, currently studying at Donghua University. Her winning entry was inspired by the marine octopus and her aim was to showcase the uniqueness of leather. Its malleable nature enabled the creation of the contours of the air holes and the playful span of the octopus tentacles. The main body of the bag is black with orange.



Category Winner : Apparel

Name: YaWen Zhang

University: Wenzhou University, Wenzhou

Portfolio:  View here

YaWen Zhang, from Zhoukou, Henan Province is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Fashion Design and Manufacturing at Wenzhou University. She enjoys researching social trends and consumer psychology. Her project is inspired by ink and landscape paintings, and their ability to create a state of mind in which the form and spirit are blended, and the world and sense of self are united. Its goal is to make Chinese traditional culture fashionable.


Category Winner: Footwear

Name: LiBin Cao

University: Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing

Portfolio:  View here

LiBin Cao is a 21 year old student from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. She is currently studying at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Her design is inspired by the iron beetles found in nature. The iron beetle is a species of arthropod which can be found in America and is well known for its strong defence abilities. Her design was created to exude a sense of power.


Inspirational Design Award

Name: YingYing Pan

University: Donghua University, Shanghai

Portfolio:  View here

YingYing Pan is 20 years old and currently studying at Donghua University in Shanghai, majoring in Product Design. Inspired by the folding and stacking of objects, her entry to this year’s competition, a bag, can adjust its capacity arbitrarily, allowing it to change the size of the back at any time according to the items it needs to fit inside, before going out or when going out. Its design refers to the style of geometric simplicity and atmosphere, whilst being practical, convenient and aesthetically please- giving users a comfortable and fashionable experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on the winners and a look into their inspirations for each design!