Adidas Prada Superstar Collab Launched

Adidas x Prada

Adidas Prada Superstar Collab Launched


The Adidas Prada Superstar 450

The famous shell-toed sneaker has shod millions of fashionable feet over the years, and now it’s taking a trip upmarket.

The Adidas Superstar has been through a lot in its time. First dropping in 1969, it was marketed as a straight basketball shoe, worn by some of the NBA’s finest, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It gradually disappeared from view throughout the seventies as other shoes, with better technology took its place.

And that may well have been that. But in the early eighties, rap legends Run DMC burst out of Queens in New York and their trademark was the shell-toed Superstar, worn without laces. Their love affair with the shoe culminated in the massive 1986 hit ‘My Adidas’.

Now the Superstar has completed its journey from the court to the street to catwalk – Prada has turned its luxe attentions to the classic design.

Prada’s designers worked with the finest leather to craft the limited-edition Adidas Prada Superstar in three colourways – all black, white and black, and chromed silver and white.

And that may well not be the last of the Prada Adidas partnership – both companies are dropping heavy hints of future collaborations.

Made in Italy, the shoes bear the Prada and the Adidas Originals logos. Buy them for the luxe angle, the hip hop history or the basketball heritage. Or buy them just because you like them – that’s what Run DMC did.

‘I like to sport em’, that’s why I bought em,’ as Darryl Mac explains in My Adidas.


Check out their promotional video:

For more information on the collaboration check out the Adidas webpage dedicated to limited edition Prada.

The Adidas Prada Superstar 450 is currently available in black at