Taiwan Design Competition Winners: Huang Husuan-Ting and Hsieh Tsung-Ting

Life Craft Winners: Huang Husuan-Ting and Hsieh Tsung-Ting

Taiwan Design Competition Winners: Huang Husuan-Ting and Hsieh Tsung-Ting

7th November 2020

Meet Huang Husuan-Ting and Hsieh Tsung-Ting this year’s gold winners of the student design competition: Life craft category. Scroll right down to watch their winning video entry!








What was the inspiration for your design?

The Bloom Chair aims to redefine the realm between mass production and customization. The process involves users simply downloading the modular design of a piece of furniture, cutting it out and assembling it. This process gives users the freedom to use, distribute, modify and study the modular units. This promotes a collaborative model of scrap leather production. 

This project is not just about designing furniture and home décor but it is an experience. Instead of making and distributing in mass production, the process invites the user to learn the manufacturing process of furniture and experience it with their own hands. Bloom Chair embodies such a full bloom concept and proposes and new kind of status for scrap leather. 

What are your thoughts on working with leather? 

In response to the DIY culture of contemporary society we have created an open source sequential design, inviting users to participate in the design and manufacturing process freely- creating an emotional connection between the creator and creation. The elasticity, flexibility and durability of leather enables it to carry the weight of the human body while being able to be shaped freely.























Watch the video: