Italy Design Competition: Alla Advienko

Featured Entry: Alla Advienko

Italy Design Competition: Alla Advienko

Meet Alla Advienko student at Istituto Marangoni in Milan and participant in the Italy Student Design Competition.

Alla’s designs consist of a collection of garments inspired by the ancient clothes, culture and mythology of Russia and Japan.



What first attracted you to use leather for your designs?

In my project I use the theme of the ancient periods when people believed in Gods and fantasy creatures who lived in forests and mountains. And as we know, leather is one of the most historical materials that people wear till this day. It makes the possibility to form a connection between the clothes of the past and the present.

Do you have any design inspirations that influence your work?

I think mostly I was inspired by the ancient clothes, culture and mythology of Russia and Japan. It was interesting for me to make a combination between these two countries, even if it seemed strange to some people. It showed me that people in general have more similarities in their cultures than they think.

But if we are talking about the fashion industry- I’ve always loved Alexander McQueens SS 1999 collection, the one where he used leather corsets. I would say that this collection has had an effect on my work.

Is there something within your country’s design or fashion culture that you think makes it unique?

Definitely! Russian style, as it seems to me, can always be recognized in silhouettes which didn’t change for centuries, as well as prints, patterns, unusual accessories (like a ‘Kokoshnik’ for example which is a Russian headdress) and unique embroidery techniques on clothes. One of the most interesting features in our national costume is the huge number of outer garments which reflects the culture of the Russian people. Now many young designers from my country are trying to transform our national clothes and techniques into something new that we can show to the world, as for example, designer Jahnkoy does.

What do you think using leather allows you to do with your designs that another material or medium would not?

Firstly, leather is a quality material. From this material, you can create amazing clothes that can last for a long time. Most importantly a unique characteristic of leather that is connected to my designs is that you can create the most beautiful effects when you print on leather. It was my first time when I printed on natural leather and the result really impressed me a lot. The drawing literally “blooms” on the material. And the second most important characteristic of leather for me is that the material allows for making wonderful drapery. I think the effect is exceptionally beautiful.

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