Leit & Held are the ultra-transparent leather accessories company offering timeless, classic design

Leit & Held ultra-transparent leather accessories

Leit & Held are the ultra-transparent leather accessories company offering timeless, classic design

By Fiona Ward

There arent many fashion brands that feel much more trustworthy than German accessories maker Leit & Held, which offers up every aspect of its supply chain to its customers without question.

The label, female-founded by Dana Mikoleit, Pia Held and Nina Conrad, is devoted to sustainability and full transparency when it comes to leather production – and impressively keeps all stages of its leather sourcing (from farming to abbatoirs, tanneries and manufacture) within Germany, allowing for a minimal transportation impact.

Keeping its product line small with a handful of artisan products from shopper bags to backpacks and other small leather accessories, Leit & Held focuses on quality products that will last – each design is simple and utilitarian, thanks to the hands-on work of art director Pia, who designs most of the stock.

She told nature blog Soon Afternoon in 2020 of her design ethos: “[It’s about] creating goods that last forever (quality-wise but also because of their simplicity) so that people give it to their children and grandchildren one day.”

Leit & Held’s commitment to sourcing ethical and sustainable leather is particularly impressive. Pia, Dana and Nina are on a mission to change the leather industry and are involved in the Responsible Leather Round Table in order to work towards more sustainable and transparent processes worldwide.

The brand is incredibly open about its supply chain, even naming its chosen abbatoir as Fairfleisch, a slaughterhouse in southern Germany which only processes meat from organic farmers from the surrounding area – so animals are not subjected to long journeys.

Dana told Soon Afternoon: “Our cows live on green pastures near Bodensee in Southern Germany. Not far from there is the slaughterhouse, Fairfleisch. All animals come from certified farmers, who guarantee an appropriate animal husbandry. Our tannery is only a few kilometres away. The hides are processed into products in Solingen with a small family business.”

Leit & Held leather is not ‘perfected’ – in fact, it encourages the fact that scars, scratches, mosquito bites and skin folds are still visible on the textile, which is left with a natural finish for a more organic look.

This low-key, artisanal aesthetic is key to the brand’s messaging and ‘buy once’ ethos – and it comes down to every material used in the manufacturing process.

“Every decision we make is about what is more responsible to our world,” Dana has said.” For example, we decided not to use magnetic buttons on our backpack – instead we used snap fasteners. They last longer and are produced in a more environmentally friendly way.”


For such a trailblazing brand, Leit & Held will not be gatekeeping its practices – since Nina has said she would like to make their “supply chain and knowledge available to others”, and is very open to business collaboration in order to propel the message of ethical leather production.

Next up, the brand founders want to introduce more products using other natural materials from their surrounding areas – such as linen and wool – but only once they have secured an ethical and traceable supply chain, of course. Watch this space.

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