Italy Design Competition: Alyssa Tarantino

Featured Entry: Alyssa Tarantino

Italy Design Competition: Alyssa Tarantino

28th April 2021

Meet 21 year old Alyssa Tarantino student at ACM (Academia Costume & Moda University) in Rome and participant in the Italy Student Design Competition.

Alyssa’s designs consist of a collection of unique leather bags with colours inspired by a variety of precious stones such as Fluorite, Agate, Apatite and Tiger’s Eye. They also feature brass and steel closures.


Do you have any design inspirations that influence your work?

Yes, I have few ones, buy in this project specifically I took inspiration in the architecture with a focus on door handle and precious stones.

What do you think using leather allows you to do with your designs that another material or medium would not?

Leather has a unique style it gives a different character and feeling to the design and provides a superior quality to the product.


What first attracted you to using leather for you your designs?

For sure the versatility and sustainability of the this fabric.


Why do you  think leather has consistently remained ‘instyle’ while other materials come in and out?

It’s a universal fabric and timeless goes beyond seasonal trends.


Who do you think was the most iconic wearer of leather in fashion history?

For me obviously, Elvis Presley!


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Photo credits:
Print: ph. Tommaso Tancredi
Fb: @timmotokkinen
Ig: @tommaso_tancredi