Leather Quiz: What makes leather so great?

Our Quick Leather Performance Quiz – Can You Beat It?

Leather Quiz: What makes leather so great?

22nd August 2019


Welcome to the Real Leather. Stay Different. leather quiz. So what makes leather so great? It’s a question we ask ourselves a lot. And our thoughts always circle back to performance – how it feels, what it can withstand and the ways we can keep it in mint condition.

There’s so much to celebrate with this material, and we’ve made a quiz to remind you just what leather’s capable of. So, can you pick the right multi-choice answers? Let’s get started.


1. Can you remove scratches from leather?

Leather clothing isn’t thin-skinned by any means – tears, holes and rips are very hard to inflict. But scratches can do some damage. The question is: can you remove them?

A) Nope – a scratch is for life when it comes to leather.

B) Yes, you can remove scratches, but the treatment’s expensive as you need to take it to a specialist.

C) It’s actually really easy. There are several products on the market that are designed to color over scratch marks.


2. Does leather do well in winter?

Too much moisture isn’t great for your wardrobe. But how well does leather fare in snowstorms, ice and heavy rain?

A) You should be fine with a waterproof spray, otherwise your leather is at risk of becoming stiffer and drier.

B) There’s nothing to worry about – leather shrugs off bad weather like it was born to do so.

C) Cold water will seep into all of the fibers and make it feel spongy, no matter what you do before and after you spend time outdoors.


3. When does the leather smell leave?

You’ve probably noticed that distinctive leather scent coming from your bag, jacket, boots or trousers. We want to see if you know how long it’ll stick around.

A) Two weeks with decent use.

B) Around a month with decent use.

C) Six months, providing you don’t store it with other leather.


4. Why are leather shoes good for your feet?

They say one of the last things you notice about someone is their shoes. Leatherwear, however, might just buck that rule. But can you tell which of these are one of the best benefits of leather shoes?

A) Average shoe tongue thickness is a full half an inch bigger than most other materials.

B) They mold to the shape of your foot and provide a smoother fit.

C) Your feet won’t smell for a few hours because of the leather scent.


5. Does grease come off leather easily?

Sitting in a diner with a leather jacket and a sloppy burger must be one of the greatest experiences known to mankind. Grease spots, though, are not. Let’s see if you know how leather shapes up when it comes to cleaning off oil and fat…

A) Unfortunately, since leather has such good absorption, grease seeps into every pore of the fabric.

B) It’s fine. A simple wipe will work, even minutes after the grease has smeared.

C) The grease is removable if you act fast with talcum powder or corn starch.


So, are you a true leather mastermind? Check out the answers to our quiz below.


Q1 – C

Q2 – A

Q3 – B

Q4 – B

Q5 – C


Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash