ARMANI X FIAT 500: Sustainable design

ARMANI X FIAT 500 - Italian design meets sustainability

ARMANI X FIAT 500: Sustainable design


Armani and Fiat have teamed up to support Earth Day Alliance, and the result might just be the most stylish small car ever: The Fiat 500 Armani.

Earth Day Alliance is a non-profit organisation founded by Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio to fight climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Armani designed a one-off electric Fiat 500 that looks like a city run-around for Batman! It will be auctioned, along with other singular designs by Bulgari and Kartell, to raise money for DiCaprio’s charity.

The car has been laser-etched so the finish looks like fabric and the seats and the interior feature natural, controlled origin leather.

The grey green bodywork incorporates cutting-edge anti-pollution and anti-bacterial technology so as well as being zero-emission, the 500 actually helps purify the air when it is driven.

The folding fabric roof bears Armani’s famous ‘GA’ logo and all the wood used in the sleek, dark, leather-lined interior is reclaimed.

The car went on display in front of Milan’s Duomo Cathedral in March then toured the city ahead of its final sale.

The Fiat 500’s all-electric engine is powered by an 85kw fast-charge system that only needs charging for five minutes to give enough energy to travel 30 miles. Fully charged, the car has a range of 199 miles.

The car is so nimble around the city, the concept of arriving ‘fashionably late’ may become a thing of the past!

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Image source: Unsplash