Think Small: Baukjen

Think Small: Baukjen

Think Small: Baukjen

Think small is where RLSD takes a look at some of the companies around the world that we think are doing the right thing with leather. This is a greenwashing free zone – no matter what they produce, sustainability is at the heart of what they do.

What makes your company different?

We design for good. We are champions of slow fashion, placing people and the planet first and campaigning for change. From supporting poverty-stricken areas to becoming carbon negative, we are committed to disrupting the fast fashion model.

Why is leather so important to you and what other materials do you use?

Leather is a natural material that is most resistant and can last many decades when well cared for.

We use sheep and cow leather in our products, all by-products of food production. All of our leather is tanned in Europe in factories with good environmental and labour practices, to ensure that it doesn’t cause harm to workers nor pollution of the surrounding environment.

All the other materials we use are sustainably sourced.

What is your signature product?

A truly timeless wardrobe staple, our Liv Leather Leggings are a ‘buy now, wear forever’ investment piece that’s handmade in Portugal. A sleek, feminine fit makes them eternally flattering while the premium stretchy leather that they are crafted from promises to make them endure.

Liv Leather Leggings

What does Baukjen say?

There is only one planet and we are determined to protect it. That’s why we design for good. We are proud to be a circular and zero-waste business but we can’t stop there. As active members of The Fashion Pact and United Nations Fashion Charter, we also campaign for change within the fashion industry.

What does RLSD say?

Baukjen is a prime example of a company that proves clothes and accessories not only need harm the planet, they can actually do some good. Everything they do is done with thought, care and a commitment to putting something back.

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