Street Seen: July 2021

Street Seen: July 2021

Street Seen: July 2021

Every month, Street Seen takes a look at the latest fashion and street style, as showcased by the general public. If your outfit involves an item made of real leather and you happen to cross paths with our intrepid spies, you could be featured right here on the Real Leather. Stay Different. website. From London fashion to Parisian chic, if it looks good and involves leather, you’ll be sure to find it here. 

This month…

Name: Chao

Where was this photo taken: Shanghai, China

Please describe your look: Comfortable, classic

What brands are you wearing: GUCCI, Sandro

Fashion inspirations: Folk arts remind me of respecting classics, including real leather.

Life motto: Planning is essential to getting things done.

Favourite Shop: Sandro, Uniqlo

Passionate about: I love traditional Chinese arts.

Work: Musician


1. What inspires you?

I really enjoy and appreciate Chinese traditional arts and culture. This includes folk music and even traditional Chinese landscape gardening. It reminds me everyday to respect classics.

2.What about leather makes it feel like a classic to you?

Probably the colour, most leather items are often black or brown. To me it is a classic material but if skilfully used can be transformed into something modern and trendy. The leather shoes I’m wearing today are a good example of how this can be achieved. The metal hook details and pointed toe gives gives the shoe and bit of an edge and a rock n roll vibe.