International Design Competition Finalist: Yang Shen

Finalist: Yang Shen

International Design Competition Finalist: Yang Shen

Name: Yang Shen

Education: Fashion Design BFA, Academy of Art University (USA)

Specialisms: Fashion/ Menswear/ Fashion Illustration

“The collection is based on leather garments from film costumes to aviator outfits and celebrity styles, blended seamlessly between edgy futurist style and retro army ideas from the inspiration of knight armour suits. Themed in an imperialism degraded future, a chaos world with old century warriors on horses and Gen-Z with vehicle gangs, my designs exhibit functional features such as multi pockets and attachable leather accessories like rivets, hood and shoulder pads. I present these under symmetric fair-shaped silhouette with considered layouts which was inspired from aged Brutalism buildings and postmodern architectures.”

Yang Shen’s collection ‘Looming’ features a variety of unique leather jackets that are not only functional and protective but also timeless. Inspired by science fiction films such as Blade Runner his collection has a futuristic feel. He combines cotton, leather, rivets and shoulder pads to create garments with multi use. Some jackets feature detachable sleeves and shoulder pads, protective layering and zippered hoods.