Street Seen: January 2020


Street Seen: January 2020

6th January 2021

Every month, Street Seen takes a look at the latest fashion and street style, as showcased by the general public. If your outfit involves an item made of real leather and you happen to cross paths with our intrepid spies, you could be featured right here on the Real Leather. Stay Different. website. From London fashion to Parisian chic, if it looks good and involves leather, you’ll be sure to find it here. 

This month…

Name: Serena

Where was this photo taken: Shanghai, China

Please describe your look: simple, functional

What brands are you wearing: Givenchy, H&M

Life icons: Coco Chanel, because she created classics for women and encouraged women to pursue their own career.

Favourite Shop: Zara, CELINE

Passionate about: I love travelling!

Playlist/Music currently listening to: Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Work: Advertising











1. What movie have you seen recently that impressed you? 

A Russian movie called Posle Tebya that tells the story of a ballet dancer. The film made me really appreciate the elegance and art of ballet dancers and enjoyed it’s message!

2. Tell us about the leather jacket you’re wearing today?

I enjoy the simple style of this leather jacket, I feel chic. I find leather a good material to wear for everyday because it’s sturdy and so it lasts, but also comfortable as it’s flexible.