Street Seen in Beijing, China

Beijing / January 2020

17th January 2020

Street Seen in Beijing, China


Name:  Zhao Jiayan

Where was this photo taken: Beijing, China


Please describe your look: I like to mix and match clothing of different qualities and so my look is a mash up of many different styles.

What brands are you wearing: Levis, Baleno, COS, Cabbeen.


Fashion inspirations: I like to experiment with different clothing styles. I enjoy mixing old with new, for example mixing classic leather or vintage pieces with sportswear. I think this creates a stylish and retro look.


Favourite Shop: I.T, GXG, Lee and Off-white


Passionate about:  Trying new things!


Playlist/Music currently listening to:  “Lover” by Taylor Swift


Work: Acting, presenting, modeling