Fast Fashion and the Planet – Essential reading

Fast Fashion and the Planet – Essential reading

Fast Fashion and the Planet – Essential reading

9th March 2022

According to clothes waste charity TRAID, the average garment is worn just 10 times before it is discarded. The implications of this for the environment are devastating – that’s why we champion leather as the long-lasting choice.

The fashion industry now churns out an estimated 120billion items of clothing each year, and at the current rate of increase that is set to hit 200billion by 2030.

As more clothes are produced, the cheaper they become. The more cheaply they are produced, the lower quality and less durable they are. This is a vicious circle that needs to be broken. Here’s a selection of books that examine the problem and, more importantly, offer solutions.


Overdressed: the Shockingly High Cost of Fast Fashion, by Elizabeth L. Cline

Journalist and self-confessed former fast-fashion addict Elizabeth L. Cline examines the true nature of the fast fashion phenomenon and its implications for the environment, society and personal well-being.


Fashionopolis, by Dana Thomas

Dana Thomas has travelled worldwide to find visionary designers and companies that are tackling the fast fashion boom by revisiting traditional crafts as well as adopting cutting-edge sustainable technology.


Loved Clothes Last, by Orsola de Castro

With plenty of ways to mend, re-wear and breathe new life into your clothes, Orsola de Castro offers a book of solutions. There’s advice on how to buy sustainably, care more and reduce your clothing carbon footprint.