The Restory: Repair don’t replace

Why we love The Restory

The Restory: Repair don’t replace

We’ve always known leather has nothing to do with ‘fast fashion’ – a material so enduring, so adaptable and so timeless has always been better suited to ‘slow style’. So we’re huge fans of The Restory, the high-end leather goods restoration service dedicated to prolonging the life of your favourite pieces.


Did you know, that with the right kind of love, maintenance and care, leather products can last almost indefinitely? Repair or repurpose (not replace!) is the new call of sustainability.


Cobblers and leather repair shops have been doing a fine job of giving a new lease of life to our leather goods for hundreds of years, but the people at The Restory have taken this service a step further.


No disrespect to your local shoe repair guy, but the re-stitching of your treasured Chanel handbag or the fixing of the buckles on your long-serving Louis Vuitton suitcase is another story! The Restory has a team of highly skilled craftspeople ready to bring the most exquisite bags, clothes and shoes back to brilliance, while retaining the character earned through years of use.


Shoes savaged by dogs, balding pony skin products and Louboutin spike heels that lost their sparkle have all been tackled admirably. And it’s not just super-lux items they turn their tools to – the have even saved a much loved, worn-out pair of Adidas Stan Smith trainers….


But, The Hermès Birkin is without doubt the most coveted of handbags. And The Restory’s artisans have successfully brought one back to life after years of service. Manolo Blahnik and Alexander McQueen shoes and Gucci loafers also feature in their catalogue of successes.


It’s not just restoration that The Restory does to reinvigorate your stuff. By dyeing, relining in different colours, or adding or removing details, they can reinvent something you may have become tired of but is too good to part with. They also offer great advice and tips on maintaining your leather shoes, bags and clothes yourself.


The Restory operates a drop-in and pick up service for customers across the UK, however they ship internationally serving customers across the globe.


Entrepreneur and influencer Katherine Ormerod said: “My beloved mini Chanel has risen from the dead with the help of The Restory magicians! You need to get their number in your little black book.”


So wherever you are, no matter how badly damaged or how old your loved leather is, The Restory is the service for you. See for further info or click here to purchase a Revival Shoe Package.


Please note services are currently on pause due to Covid-19. For updates on when services will resume be sure to follow The Restory on their Instagram and Facebook.


Image source: Unsplash