The Leather Repair Shop

The Leather Repair Shop

The Leather Repair Shop

The ‘make do and mend’ mantra might seem like a phrase from eras gone by, but it’s firmly back in fashion – and you don’t need a degree in needlework to jump on board.

Since fast fashion became available at the click of a button fixing old items has been branded time-consuming and inconvenient. Until now.

Fortunately, alteration and mending services are back with a bang and they couldn’t be easier to use. While leather only looks better with age, there can still come a time when the zip breaks or the wear has taken its toll.

Whether you’ve bust a button or battered the fabric, there are now a host of services that you can tap up to breathe new life into your favourite pieces.

And with over 300,000 tonnes of clothes ending up in landfill each year in the UK, it’s a market that is needed more than ever.

“As circular fashion grows, it becomes increasingly evident that maintaining and extending both the functional and desirable life of our wardrobes is the pillar that underlines other circular fashion systems. For example, for your wardrobe to live on in rental or resale spheres, it must be in good quality condition”, says Emily Rea, Co-Founder at The Restory.

“Go through your old clothes, work out why you no longer wear them, and find the solution – this could be as simple as changing the buttons on a coat, adjusting the length of a dress or letting out darts in a shirt.”

So if your wardrobe needs refreshing there’s no need to race to the shops for new stuff – these companies will help you repair and rewear.



This on-demand service is a great one to have on your radar. With a focus on luxury items, specifically shoes, bags, and leather goods, it’s the answer to all your wear-and-tear worries. After completing the online booking form and organising a collection date, its team of in-house ateliers will send you a quote once they receive the item. As well as being experts at their craft, they can also tweak and customise your pieces with new colours, details or give them a total revamp. It’s available worldwide and is on a mission to make you love the pieces you already own.



Want a clothes alteration service as convenient as ordering a local takeaway? Look no further than Sojo. Launched in 2021 by Josephine Philips, this app means you can connect to seamstresses (and ‘sters!) with a simple tap. Sustainability is at the heart of this business as it has found 64% of customers return clothing due to poor fitting. They want to tailor clothing to fit so that you have a unique relationship with your wardrobe. Sojo has even partnered with popular Scandi brand Ganni to offer alterations on its products in the capital. It’s currently only available in London, but with a view to expand so watch this space.



Think of this as a handbag spa where the dedicated team of handbag aficionados will pamper, preen and tweak your accessories so they have a new lease of life. Launched almost nine years ago, they were one of the first companies in the UK to recognise the value of luxury bag restoration and now work their magic on around 700 bags a month. No task is too much for these leather wizards who can clean, improve, customise and even remove dreaded kids’ pen scribbles! They also have a section on their site where you are able to buy and sell pre-loved bags for excellent prices. It’s not to be missed.



An eco-friendly business that really cares, the Clothes Doctor is somewhere you can not only get alterations and repairs taken care of, it provides an expert laundry service as well. Encouraging customers to extend the lifespan of their clothes as much as possible, it also has its own range of sustainable cleaning products, including specifics to help buff and shine your leather. With a unique package offering leather restoration available in the UK, the Clothes Doctor is one to weave into your lifestyle.


By Joely Chilcott