Muay Thai champion and celebrity blogger stars in second Leather and Hide Council of America video of sustainability campaign

Muay Thai champion stars in second campaign video

Muay Thai champion and celebrity blogger stars in second Leather and Hide Council of America video of sustainability campaign

26th April 2021

  • Asian markets targeted as industry champions leather as sustainable, durable and natural material of choice
  • Collaboration between U.S. leather and Thai Boxing star highlights durability
  • Social campaign to roll out across channels including WeChat, Weibo, Instagram and Facebook

The Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA), the representative body for the U.S. leather industry, has unveiled the second in a series of videos as part of an international campaign communicating the natural, sustainable and durable nature of leather.

It features Yoyo Sun, Thai Boxing Champion of Shuangiing Showdown 9. As well as a being a Muay Thai champion, she is a sport and fashion blogger with more than two million followers. Yoyo Sun was also the first Chinese person to feature in an Apple Watch commercial.

Launched under the banner of “Real Leather. Stay Different.,” the video is the second in a series of three looking at nature and sustainability, the importance of sourcing quality leather and leather in fashion and sport.  With a focus on the next generation of consumers, the campaign is being promoted entirely through social channels, including WeChat and Weibo in China and Instagram and Facebook around the world.

As one of the leading markets for U.S. leather, China was chosen as the location for the video shoot.  U.S. leather is preferred by the Chinese fashion and design industry for its consistency and impeccable quality, for its sourcing guarantees and for the U.S. industry’s exceptional standards in environmental management and material production.

Focussing on the power and skill of Yoyo Sun, the video draws parallels between the adaptability and durability needed to shine as a Muay Thai star and the qualities of leather.

The campaign continues as the fashion world considers the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion and the use of low-cost, disposable materials.  LHCA President Stephen Sothmann said:

“We have been using leather for thousands of years, dating back to our time as hunter gatherers when waste was unacceptable.  The issue of waste remains a concern, rightly so, to this day as consumers take a careful look at fast fashion, production processes and the volume of materials that end up in landfill.

Partnering with Yoyo Sun enables us to talk about performance – and leather as the material of choice for champions in sports the world over; from Muay Thai to football and from boxing to cricket.  With leather, we create beautiful and durable items from by-products that would otherwise be destined for landfills, items that will last for many, many years.    Leather products may be costlier, but there are good reasons why they represent real value for all.”

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