International Design Competition Finalist: Teresita Marrero Escalona

Finalist: Teresita Marrero Escalona

International Design Competition Finalist: Teresita Marrero Escalona

8th June 2021

Name: Teresita Marrero Escalona

Education: Object Design, Universidad del Azuay (Ecuador)

Specialisms: Industrial Design, Jewellery, Product Design

“The earrings in my proposal seeks to create a jewel where the user can interact with it in different ways. A versatile product was made with which the consumer can adapt the shape of the earrings to their liking when placing it in the ear. This was achieved by creating an elongated strip that combines the flexibility of the material, with silver-coated holes and belt-stimulating stitching.”

Teresita presents us with an innovative proposal using leather as the fundamental material in the creation of jewellery. In addition to showing us the infinite possibilities of this material, she also bears her consumers needs in mind by giving them the opportunity to personalise her creations. Her jewellery is for those who want to have fun and differentiate themselves.

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