International Design Competition Finalist: Jonathan Ferris

Finalist: Jonathan Ferris

International Design Competition Finalist: Jonathan Ferris

Name: Jonathan Ferris

Education: Fashions Design and Technology Womenswear BA Hons, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

Specialisms: Fashion/ Fashion Technology/ Atelier – Pattern Cutting

“This collection revolves around a conversation that intertwines hyper-masculinity with hyper-femininity. Inspired by the women of the Bauhaus; Gertrud Anrdt, Anni Albers and Gunta Stölzl – whom of which the collection is named after. Their textile work is juxtaposed against the queer leather scene. This is a collection about women wanting to be equal to their male counterparts, and men being allowed to be feminine. Community and craft is at the heart of this collaboration and like the manifesto of the Bauhaus, this collection is too, gender ambiguous.”

Jonathon’s collection consists of modern shapes and woven scraps of left over leather, specifically a leather Parka, biker jacket and upcycled leather chunky boots. Furthermore his collection is sustainable, using a zero-waste pattern cutting method. He explains how this technique will leave behind no left over hide during the garment making process.