International Design Competition Finalist: Iga Kampa

Finalist: Iga Kampa

International Design Competition Finalist: Iga Kampa

Name: Iga Kampa

Education: Fashion Artefact MA, London College of Fashion UAL (UK)

Specialisms: Fashion/ Costume Design – Stage Screen Dance/ Accessories

“Falda is a polish word that can describe the in-between state before folding that can refer to a material or a fold of skin. The project title, Falda is a reference to the theory of Fold by French postmodern philosopher Deleuze. This project looks to translate Deleuze’s ideas into fashion practice. The aim is to explore through leather craft the relationship and mutual influence between the fashion artefact and the wearer – the perception of his/her body.”

Iga’s final design is an 86cm body piece made using black, veg tan leather. To shape the final pieces she used a technique called leather wet free-forming. Free-forming allows much more creative freedom in giving the artwork its shape because during this process the material can be hand-shaped spontaneously creating a variety of folds and organic shapes. This method of working with leather supports the idea of primarily surrendering to the material and the process while also exploring the full potential of unique properties that leather has. It allows the designer to fully embrace the precious material that it is. In her process, Iga worked with pre-moulded copies of her hands that she used as tools to help achieve her desired effect.