International Design Competition Finalist: Alice Morgan

Finalist: Alice Morgan

International Design Competition Finalist: Alice Morgan

8th June 2021

Name: Alice Morgan

Education: Fashion Studies BA Hons, University of Derby (UK)

Specialisms: Fashion/ Fashion Illustration / Design

“Inspiration for this project comes from the concept of stained glass windows. Stained glass is a technique which dates back as far as the 4th century. This decorative process showcases the power of fragmented designs and communicates that ‘Broken’ pieces can be the very beauty of an artform. By applying this influence to the offcut produced by the leather industry, we are able to generate one-of-akind garments that reduce the waste left on the cutting room floor, ready to be burned. This considered approach offers more sustainable manufacturing; overall paying greater respect the cows that provided the hides.”

Interestingly, Alice has been a vegetarian throughout her whole lifetime and at first thought to use leather would contradict her principles. Through participating in this project she has sought to redefine her perception of the material, concluding that the most ethical choices come from decisions made with care and consideration. In her presentation Alice explains that in a population that continues to consume meat the most sustainable choice is to avoid wasting the hide.