International Design Competition People’s Choice Winner 2022 : Lior Weinberg


International Design Competition People’s Choice Winner 2022 : Lior Weinberg

The results are finally in for this year’s International Student Design Competition, and the 2022 People’s Choice Category Winner, receiving 2,490 votes out of a total of 37,000 from the public, is Lior Weinberg, with her entry Paradox of Fashion.  Lior will be joining the other 3 Category Winners at the live International Final event on November 2nd, presenting her design in front of the judges for the chance to become the Overall Winner.

Lior Weinberg is a 27-year old third-year fashion design student at Shenkar College of engineering and design in Israel. She specialises in Apparel, Womenswear, Lingerie and Swimwear. Her work examines dress codes and uniforms over the years, and the paradox that fashion creates in our need to imitate others but also distinguish ourselves from each other. The “Paradox of Fashion’’ collection deals with the question of how to create individuality in uniformity, playing with proportions, colours and new combinations. The leather jacket made from leather, suede elements and Swarovski/pearl buttons, incorporates a hand-weaving technique ‘Intrecciato’ to create the checks. The designer used the subtraction technique in Photoshop, which leaves white-grey checks, to neutralise familiar elements from dress codes and examine their identity.




What has been your experience in working with leather for this competition?

 I worked with leather for the first time in creating the jacket for the competition. I used a hand weaving technique called ‘Intrecciato’. Working with leather was a great experience for me, as I experimented with new techniques that upgraded and influenced my design thinking. I have no doubt that I will continue to discover and experiment with leather.


How do you think winning this competition will impact your career as a designer?

I believe that winning this competition will allow me to find interesting opportunities in the fashion and leather goods industry. I’m very curious to continue and experimenting with leather to develop my skills.


What are your thoughts on leather and sustainability, and how you think leather can adapt to a fashion industry increasingly focused on sustainability?

As long as the meat industry exists, leather would be wasted if not used. Also the durability and longevity of leather are great qualities for designers to make pieces that will last for a long period of time, reducing the need for fast fashion and throwaway pieces.




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