Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Jia Ying

Taiwan Garment Winner: Jia Ying

Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Jia Ying

16th November 2020

Meet 23 year old Ong Jia Ying from Shih Chien University, this year’s gold winner of the student design competition: Garment category. Scroll right down to watch her winning video entry!












What was the inspiration for your design? 

Global warming is an issue that I’m always paying attention to. Global warming can cause drought issues which dries the soil so much that it appears cracked. The vision of cracked land is the inspiration for my design. 

What are your thoughts working with leather?

My biggest challenge was figuring out how to present the leather. This is also the first time I’ve designed using leather so choosing which leather to use was a challenge for me too.


















Watch the video: