Five questions with… Milan Miladinov

Milan Miladinov, Rollacoaster Magazine

Five questions with… Milan Miladinov

2nd February 2021

One of the great opportunities provided by our Student Design Competition is the chance to get your work seen by our influential judging panel. Drawn from throughout the fashion, design and leather industries, between them, they know design inside out. 

Meet the Art Director – Milan Miladinov

1/ How did you get started?

Like most young people looking to start their career in the creative industry, I began at the bottom of the ladder, as an intern. Interning is hard but it is the best way to learn your craft and develop your skills. This is how you forge friendships and relationships, build a professional network.


2/ What is the one thing you have done that you are most proud of?

I once worked on a project for Nike – and seeing the result of my labour fly-postered all around central London was one of my proudest moments. Working in the creative industry is all about opportunities, recognising and seizing them when they happen. You need to keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground.


3/ If you hadn’t become an art director, what would you have been?

Without any doubt, I would have found work within the culinary industry. I have a huge passion for food, sourcing it, cooking it, and of course eating it – food is a great excuse to come together and share precious moments with families and friends. I would say that it is on a par with my passion for art direction and design.


4/ What do you look for in outstanding design?

This is actually quite an easy question. For me good design must always be made as the answer to a problem, and must be answered in an aesthetically pleasing way. Both form and function must come together, seamlessly, beautifully and practically. Too often, function is neglected to the benefit of the shape and form… Thing is, function is an integral part of the definition of an object or a piece of clothing. It is why it is so important that it is included in the overall design.


5/ What would you say is the number one quality needed to last in the fashion industry?

Passion is the number one quality to succeed in any chosen career, but I would say that it is especially true for the fashion industry. Passion for what you are doing, your own craft, passion for what you have become a part of and passion for the whole industry.