China Design Competition: Keran Zhao

Featured Entry: Keran Zhao

China Design Competition: Keran Zhao

21st May 2021

Keran Zhao is a 19-year-old student from Nanjing, and is currently studying at Guangling College in Yangzhou University.

What design inspirations have influenced your work?

The theme of this design is shark tears, with the inspiration coming from stories of shark people recorded in ancient Chinese books. Different from mermaids in western mythology, the shark people recorded in ancient Chinese classics did not get wet when they entered water. When they cried their tears would turn into pearls. These will last forever.

This ties in with the sustainable design concept of this piece. The combination of blue and purple with the softness and firmness in the fabric, and the collision of folds and silhouettes are all explorations of  functional movement. The purpose is to put aside any unnecessary burdens and encumbrances in life, feel light and give shoes vitality.

What process is used on the leather?

Before tanning, the hide needs to go through a series of preparation procedures such as soaking, depilating, softening and acid leaching.