Our Top Leather Movie Moments

Our Top Leather Movie Moments

Our Top Leather Movie Moments

27th May 2020


How can you make the coolest movie stars even cooler? Just put them in leather. Here’s some of our favourite famous leather looks in the history of cinema. Our top five leather movie moments.


Sandy Olsson’s black leather ‘T-Birds’ biker jacket – Grease, 1978

If ever a piece of clothing was symbolic in a movie it was the black leather T-Birds jacket that the newly-sexy Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) pulled on at the climax of Grease. It even inspired Danny Zuko (John Travolta) to cast aside the boring wool letterman cardigan he’d adopted in an effort to woo the old, square version of Sandy.

The T-Birds jacket, a customised version of the classic black leather biker, plays a huge part in the film. Worn by Danny and the rest of his gang – Kenickie, Doody, Sonny and Putzie – Sandy sees it as the ideal signal she’s ready to rock and roll with bad boy Danny.

Check out the jacket and some great moves here!


Captain Hilts’ brown leather flight jacket – The Great Escape, 1963

Hilts (Steve McQueen) was determined to break his own way out of German Prisoner of War Camp Stalag Luft III while the British contingent insisted on all plans being approved by their committee.

The captain’s laid back approach to clothes and his cool leather jacket were a stark contrast with the Brits’ stiff upper lips and starchy insistence that the correct uniform be worn at all times. Hilts’ attempt to break out involved motorbike theft and a daring jump over barbed wire barricades. The committee preferred a more considered tunnelling option. It’s a shame (spoiler alert – if you need one for a film that’s 57-years-old) neither met with particular success.

See the iconic leather jacket in action here! 

Sophisticated Leather

Anna Scott’s fitted black leather jacket – Notting Hill, 1999

Anna (Julia Roberts) achieved a classic look in shades, beret and fantastic fitted black leather blazer-style jacket in Notting Hill. At least it was classic until a collision with future lover William (Hugh Grant) sent his cup of orange juice all over her.  The two went back to William’s place to get cleaned up and the romance between American film star and bumbling Brit began.


Luckily, the jacket was hardy enough to survive William’s fruity onslaught. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of Anna’s once pristine white T-shirt! Catch the moment here.


Patrice Dumas’ Vintage Longline Leather Jacket – BlacKkKlansman, 2018

Set in the 70’s, Spike Lee-directed BlacKkKlansman tells an important true story about racial discrimination whilst at the same time, teaching us a thing or two about 1970’s fashion.

Patrice Dumas (Laura Harrier) political activist and feminist character wears a longline vintage leather jacket that stylist Marci Rodgers selected after copious amounts of research into Black Power civil rights leaders at the time. Sporting knee-high boots, a turtleneck and a sleek long jacket – and with hair sculpted into an exquisite afro – Patrice is not only a force to be reckoned with, but looks damn cool at same time.

Check out this great music scene– we can spot some great leather jackets too!


Katniss’ tan leather jacket – The Hunger Games, 2012

A kick-ass leather jacket for a kick-ass woman. The waisted leather sported by Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in the Hunger Games sent crowds to the shops in search of the ultimate coat.

What better material to survive the stresses of a fight to the death? And what smarter jacket to wear on a victory tour of the precincts?

See Katniss and her jacket in action in the movie trailer here:


So, what is your favourite leather look in a movie? From The Matrix to Kill Bill to Pretty Woman – tweet us your suggested leather movie moments and cast your vote!