UK Student Design

The Real Leather. Stay Different. UK Student Design Competition celebrates the beauty, sustainability and versatility of leather, while recognizing the innovation and craftsmanship that the new generation has to offer. The competition engages with young and exciting designers to directly highlight the history, application and sustainable credentials of leather as a rich and versatile material. In doing so we look to recognize and reward creativity, craftwork and innovation in fashion & design while also creating new exciting ambassadors who can champion leather for the future.

So far, the China Design Competition has received 416 sketch designs from seven renowned universities and colleges, including Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, were submitted for the categories of Apparel, Footwear and Accessories. A judging panel consisting of domestic fashion designers, leather designers of retail brands and leather experts, has selected 54 of the most innovative designs.

Winning finalists will then be selected for a product demonstration and award ceremony, planned to take place at Shanghai Fashion Week 2021, with national lifestyle and fashion media in attendance.

UK Student Design Competition Footwear Winner 2023: Woosung Kim

Woosung Kim, a South Korean footwear designer based in London, originally planned to study architecture in the UK after high school. However, his life took an unexpected turn during his first year in the country. While undertaking foundation course, he had the opportunity to enroll in a fashion class, which led to a profound shift in his academic and career interests. He draws deep inspiration from visual morphological elements, diligently analysing and incorporating them into his designs, infusing each creation with a profoundly philosophical narrative.

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