Kenya’s shoe import pledge

Kenya’s shoe import pledge

Kenya’s shoe import pledge

28th August 2023

In a bid to support the local leather industry, Kenyan President William Ruto has pledged to ban imported shoes within the next two years.

He said his countrymen were buying shoes from abroad at exorbitant prices while cowhide from Kenya was “being given to dogs”.

Mr Ruto said the country will use its own leather to make shoes, increasing the earnings of farmers who are forced to discard cowhides.

Improve local leather supply chain

The Government has allocated nearly Sh2 billion ($14million) to support the industry – this will aid tanneries with the aim to improve the local supply chain.

“Within the next two years, I will ban shoes imported from abroad. We will be making shoes with leather from our cows,” he said.

We at RLSD work hard to support African leather production, this year we launched our African Leather Design Showcases. We feel that rather than imposing import bans, global promotion of best practice is the best way forward.