Taiwan Style: Street Seen

Street Seen: March 2020

Taiwan Style: Street Seen

26th March 2020


About Street Seen

Every month, Street Seen takes a look at the latest fashion and street style, as showcased by the general public. If your outfit involves an item made of real leather and you happen to cross paths with our intrepid raporteurs, you could be featured right here on the Real Leather. Stay Different. website. From fashionable Taiwan style to Parisian chic, if it looks good and involves leather, you’ll be sure to find it here. 

This month… Taiwan style from Taipei


Name: Yumeko Fan

Where was this photo taken: This was taken in Taipei,Taiwan.


Please describe your look: Simple colour-based outfits, coupled with high-quality accessories. I would describe my style as relaxed.


What brands are you wearing: GENQUO paired with Tino Bellini shoes but my bag is completely hand-made and one of a kind!


Taiwan style inspirations: Generally I get my style inspiration from Japanese magazines such as “SWEET”. Some of the clothes they feature are fantastic. Simple, stylish and always using luxurious and high quality fabrics and materials. These items can last a lifetime if you look after them.


Life icons: Aragaki Yui / Misaki Sakurai


Favourite Shop: L’OCCITANE – can’t live without it.


Passionate about: Illustration/Baking/Knitting/Embroidery/Anime


Playlist/Music currently listening to: I like Jazz.


Work: Currently a full time student.